Friday, 20 February 2015

India being a land of mystery is a country most visited by many across the world!

India is a country that holds many interests for travellers from different corners of the world. For the travellers in from Japan and the Far East, India is the land of birth for the Lord Buddha. For people from the West, it is a land of mystery that has a rich history of mythologies, traditions and cultures. Many of the Indian ways of living have gained global importance because of their lack of side effects and enrichment of the soul. Thus, for these people, India as the land of origin of the Ayurveda and the Yoga is important for a visit. Even people from Russia want to visit India to witness its richness of colour about which they could know from Bollywood movies.

India Eta Visa

That is why the Indian authorities have taken the pain of simplifying the ETA visa services India for many of these countries. A large number of countries enjoy visa on arrival facility in to India, and a list of these countries are available on the official website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. One can know all about India ETA visa from the website.

If one is applying for online visa on arrival, one has to have a passport valid beyond six months from the date of arrival. Also, one needs to have valid bank statements for a considerable period of time so as to reflect a healthy financial condition of the traveller so that there is no problem during her or his visit to India. The ETA visa services India also need to have a copy of the to and fro tickets in order to ascertain the dates of arrival and departure for the tourist. An India ETA visa also requires USD 60 as processing fees, and the visa is non-refundable and non-extendable in nature.

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