Friday, 20 February 2015

India being a land of mystery is a country most visited by many across the world!

India is a country that holds many interests for travellers from different corners of the world. For the travellers in from Japan and the Far East, India is the land of birth for the Lord Buddha. For people from the West, it is a land of mystery that has a rich history of mythologies, traditions and cultures. Many of the Indian ways of living have gained global importance because of their lack of side effects and enrichment of the soul. Thus, for these people, India as the land of origin of the Ayurveda and the Yoga is important for a visit. Even people from Russia want to visit India to witness its richness of colour about which they could know from Bollywood movies.

India Eta Visa

That is why the Indian authorities have taken the pain of simplifying the ETA visa services India for many of these countries. A large number of countries enjoy visa on arrival facility in to India, and a list of these countries are available on the official website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. One can know all about India ETA visa from the website.

If one is applying for online visa on arrival, one has to have a passport valid beyond six months from the date of arrival. Also, one needs to have valid bank statements for a considerable period of time so as to reflect a healthy financial condition of the traveller so that there is no problem during her or his visit to India. The ETA visa services India also need to have a copy of the to and fro tickets in order to ascertain the dates of arrival and departure for the tourist. An India ETA visa also requires USD 60 as processing fees, and the visa is non-refundable and non-extendable in nature.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Fly into India easily through online visa application and enjoy your great time!

On arrival visa fees

India Tourist Visa on Arrival

Why is India the country the largest number of people visits from USA every year? Well, the answer laid in the very close ties the two countries share over decades. India and the USA have the closest of business ties in the world. Even if one looks at it from the intellectual point of view, India is perhaps the foremost country from where the best of brains have poured in to the USA for research.

People from the USA are born globetrotters. They make it a point to go out every year to visit every corner of the world, and of course, India comes into their list sooner or later. It is due to this rising demand for India tourist visa on arrival that the ways of applying have been made extremely simple. Even without any expertise help, one can today apply for India visa in a matter of half an hour. The only prerequisite is to have the documents ready, preferably scanned, that are required. A clue about these and about on arrival visa fees can be obtained from the official website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

In order to apply for India tourist visa on arrival, one just needs to have a passport valid beyond six months from the date of arrival to India. One also needs to furnish the bank statement details that can reflect the good financial condition s/he is in to carry out the full travel into India on her or his own. A copy of the to and fro tickets also is required to ascertain the date of entry and exit into and from India. This actually helps in securing the tourist in India against all odds, as the Indian authorities keep a close vigil on any tourist flying into India. The on arrival visa fees is USD 60 presently, and it is non-refundable too.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Russia to India visa processing made easy and simpler through online applications!

Russia has been a country close to India through all thick and thins. Even in the worst of days, the two countries have never left each other’s hands politically. This has automatically resulted in a closer cultural bonding between people of these two countries. This can be seen in the frequent exchange of Bollywood movies from India to Russia, and the often entry of Russian circuses to India.

Looking into the high demand for India visa in Russia, the Indian authorities have taken the matter of online applications up. They have made the ETA visa requirement for Russia much easier than before, even with the risk of terror being on the rise, not from Russia but through the route to the Middle East. This has made it far simpler for Russians to know about India ETA processing fee. There is thus no need to go and take help of the agents who usually extracted more money than the actual processing fees!
India ETA Visa from Russia
In order to apply online, the traveller needs to have a passport that has more than six months’ validity from the date of arrival. Also, they need to place a bank statement in order to reflect the financial condition. Copies of to and fro tickets are also must for informing the date of arrivals and departure. If one is having these documents, it is just a matter of 15 minutes to apply online.

One can get to know of the ETA visa requirement for Russia from the official website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.In order to enhance transparency in dealing with visa processing, even the India ETA processing fee is mentioned on the website. The process is so easy now that one can do it on her or his own, taking help from the website itself.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Travelling into India getting easier with online application facilities available!

India has always been high on the tourism map of the world. It has got the mystery about itself that keeps attracting people from as far as Brazil and Australia because of its age old civilizations as well as the ancient culture, tradition and mythology that have settled down in the country over ages. Added to that is the latest worldwide craze of yoga and Ayurveda that have generated many an interest in the west. Thus, people keep flocking into the country every year for tourism.

Among those countries from where people keep pouring in, USA is always on the top. People in the USA have that intrinsic interest to travel across the world, and they make sure at least once to visit India. That is why the demand for Indian tourist visa on arrival is always rising up in the USA.

Tourist India Eta Visa on Arrival
Indian Tourist Visa on Arrival

The Indian authorities have also risen up to the occasion and have made it easier to travel into the country from the USA. Among those countries having visa on arrival facility to India, the USA is a prime one. Thus, they have made electronic travel authority online application extremely easy for people from the USA.

For electronic travel authority online application, one just has to make sure the passport is valid for over six months from the date of arrival to India. A bank statement is necessary to reflect the financial condition of the traveller, and the copies of flying in and going out tickets are also must. The date of leaving the country is more important to keep a vigil on the traveller for her or his security.

A look into the official website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India spells out all the required credentials for Indian tourist visa on arrival applications online, and there is no need for going to an agent or a tout.

Monday, 2 February 2015

India visits from Australia made far easier through online applications!

Australia is itself a country that has been going along fast on the track to develop tourism into its own country. Thus, a number of people come into Australia every year to visit the famous Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera and many other places. A recent survey also reflects a large number of Australians going out of the continent to visit other places in the world as well. Thus, there are large numbers of tourism enthusiasts in the country for sure.

Among the places the Australians come out for visit, India tops the chart. The South Asian country has always been a mystery because of its mythology, traditions and cultures to the world. The same has been enhanced more due to the increased global interest in Ayurveda and yoga practices. Thus, number of aspiring India visitors have only grown over the recent months.

Looking at the trend, the Indian authorities have been quick to put in ETA online application form in place. As a result, people from Australia can make India visits in a simpler way rather than going through the tough visa application regime. They no more have to stand in long queues in Indian embassies for getting a visa. They will also no more have any confusion about ETA visa fees for India and touts can no longer charge them unreasonably. Everything about ETA visa fees for Indiais now available on the official website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.
Having made the visa process easier has let the tourists make late hour schedule to India for visits. No more are they required to plan months ahead for that and they can simply fly in by getting the tickets done and then go for ETA online application form at least 4 days before the date of arrival.