Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Fly into India easily through online visa application and enjoy your great time!

On arrival visa fees

India Tourist Visa on Arrival

Why is India the country the largest number of people visits from USA every year? Well, the answer laid in the very close ties the two countries share over decades. India and the USA have the closest of business ties in the world. Even if one looks at it from the intellectual point of view, India is perhaps the foremost country from where the best of brains have poured in to the USA for research.

People from the USA are born globetrotters. They make it a point to go out every year to visit every corner of the world, and of course, India comes into their list sooner or later. It is due to this rising demand for India tourist visa on arrival that the ways of applying have been made extremely simple. Even without any expertise help, one can today apply for India visa in a matter of half an hour. The only prerequisite is to have the documents ready, preferably scanned, that are required. A clue about these and about on arrival visa fees can be obtained from the official website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

In order to apply for India tourist visa on arrival, one just needs to have a passport valid beyond six months from the date of arrival to India. One also needs to furnish the bank statement details that can reflect the good financial condition s/he is in to carry out the full travel into India on her or his own. A copy of the to and fro tickets also is required to ascertain the date of entry and exit into and from India. This actually helps in securing the tourist in India against all odds, as the Indian authorities keep a close vigil on any tourist flying into India. The on arrival visa fees is USD 60 presently, and it is non-refundable too.

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