Monday, 9 February 2015

Russia to India visa processing made easy and simpler through online applications!

Russia has been a country close to India through all thick and thins. Even in the worst of days, the two countries have never left each other’s hands politically. This has automatically resulted in a closer cultural bonding between people of these two countries. This can be seen in the frequent exchange of Bollywood movies from India to Russia, and the often entry of Russian circuses to India.

Looking into the high demand for India visa in Russia, the Indian authorities have taken the matter of online applications up. They have made the ETA visa requirement for Russia much easier than before, even with the risk of terror being on the rise, not from Russia but through the route to the Middle East. This has made it far simpler for Russians to know about India ETA processing fee. There is thus no need to go and take help of the agents who usually extracted more money than the actual processing fees!
India ETA Visa from Russia
In order to apply online, the traveller needs to have a passport that has more than six months’ validity from the date of arrival. Also, they need to place a bank statement in order to reflect the financial condition. Copies of to and fro tickets are also must for informing the date of arrivals and departure. If one is having these documents, it is just a matter of 15 minutes to apply online.

One can get to know of the ETA visa requirement for Russia from the official website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.In order to enhance transparency in dealing with visa processing, even the India ETA processing fee is mentioned on the website. The process is so easy now that one can do it on her or his own, taking help from the website itself.

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