Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Travelling into India getting easier with online application facilities available!

India has always been high on the tourism map of the world. It has got the mystery about itself that keeps attracting people from as far as Brazil and Australia because of its age old civilizations as well as the ancient culture, tradition and mythology that have settled down in the country over ages. Added to that is the latest worldwide craze of yoga and Ayurveda that have generated many an interest in the west. Thus, people keep flocking into the country every year for tourism.

Among those countries from where people keep pouring in, USA is always on the top. People in the USA have that intrinsic interest to travel across the world, and they make sure at least once to visit India. That is why the demand for Indian tourist visa on arrival is always rising up in the USA.

Tourist India Eta Visa on Arrival
Indian Tourist Visa on Arrival

The Indian authorities have also risen up to the occasion and have made it easier to travel into the country from the USA. Among those countries having visa on arrival facility to India, the USA is a prime one. Thus, they have made electronic travel authority online application extremely easy for people from the USA.

For electronic travel authority online application, one just has to make sure the passport is valid for over six months from the date of arrival to India. A bank statement is necessary to reflect the financial condition of the traveller, and the copies of flying in and going out tickets are also must. The date of leaving the country is more important to keep a vigil on the traveller for her or his security.

A look into the official website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India spells out all the required credentials for Indian tourist visa on arrival applications online, and there is no need for going to an agent or a tout.

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