Monday, 2 February 2015

India visits from Australia made far easier through online applications!

Australia is itself a country that has been going along fast on the track to develop tourism into its own country. Thus, a number of people come into Australia every year to visit the famous Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera and many other places. A recent survey also reflects a large number of Australians going out of the continent to visit other places in the world as well. Thus, there are large numbers of tourism enthusiasts in the country for sure.

Among the places the Australians come out for visit, India tops the chart. The South Asian country has always been a mystery because of its mythology, traditions and cultures to the world. The same has been enhanced more due to the increased global interest in Ayurveda and yoga practices. Thus, number of aspiring India visitors have only grown over the recent months.

Looking at the trend, the Indian authorities have been quick to put in ETA online application form in place. As a result, people from Australia can make India visits in a simpler way rather than going through the tough visa application regime. They no more have to stand in long queues in Indian embassies for getting a visa. They will also no more have any confusion about ETA visa fees for India and touts can no longer charge them unreasonably. Everything about ETA visa fees for Indiais now available on the official website of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.
Having made the visa process easier has let the tourists make late hour schedule to India for visits. No more are they required to plan months ahead for that and they can simply fly in by getting the tickets done and then go for ETA online application form at least 4 days before the date of arrival.

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