Friday, 3 April 2015

ETA Visa - A New Way for India Short Travel

India is one of the most attractive destinations on earth where people from different parts of the world want to come. The government of India has launched the facility of ETA visa and people from 40 countries can fill this visa application online. The ETA visa in issued electronically and one will have to provide the original documents to get this visa and one of the important documents is the passport but it has to carry the validity for a period of six months.

Eta Visa for India

 One can visit the ETA India website and there is a option for the process of online application. Once the online application is submitted, the authorities will process the same application in a span of fur to five days. This visa is valid for a span of thirty days and is a single entry visit visa. If one wants to stay in India for a period exceeding 30 days, one will have to g for the traditional Indian tourist visa. Eta visa for India is a benefit for the tourists from different parts of world who have come to this country for a short visit.

One can get the India ETA visa for sightseeing or recreation purposes or for a casual meeting. One can also get this type of visa for medical visit or for casual business point of view. There is the need of the return ticket along with the bare minimum money that is needed for the stay in India during the period. The holders of the Pakistani passport cannot apply for this kind of visa. They will have to go for the regular one. Apart from this, the holders of the official or the diplomatic passports cannot go for such kind of visa. The person who is endorsed on parents/spouse passport cannot apply for this visa.  

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