Tuesday, 5 May 2015

India TVoA-ETA is e-Tourist Visa (eTV) Now

It's been a few months since the facility of online visa namely TVoA-ETA has started by the Indian government to help the travelers from round the world with easy avail of the visa. But, the confusions caused by the name TVoA-ETA had already received many criticisms from around the world, impelling Indian Authorities to change the name of the program to e-Tourist (eTV).

The steps to alter the name of India ETA visa was taken to avoid confusion among the tourists as per which the descenders to the country were presuming it to be on arrival services. However, ETA visa for India is given prior to the arrival date of the traveler.

India ETA
Many complaints were registered with the authorities over the issue of the misconception of the program among the global travelers. After which a committee was formed comprising of officers from the Home and External Affairs and Bureau of Immigration for finding out a new name. The committee so formed, further did a proper analysis keeping in mind the scheme, its procedure, etc. in mind and suggested e-Tourist Visa-ETV as an ideal name for the program.

The name change came into effect from 15th April 2015. This scheme enables the visitors to apply for an Indian visa online prior to their travel date by siting at the comfort of their home.


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